Galvanized Iron Wire

PE Rain Poncho

Product Description

Galvanized iron wire is classified into hot-dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized wire according to difference of zinc coating process. It's widely used for binding wire for construction and agriculture, weaving the hardware cloth and mesh, making for wire nails and wire ropes, wire for cable etc.

Wire Diameter: 0.45mm - 5.0mm

Zinc Rate: 30g-350g/m2 for hot-dipped galvanized iron wire,7g-18g/m2 for electro galvanized iron wire

Tensile Strength: 30kg-70kg/mm2

Elongation Rate: 10%-25%

Package: 0.1kg-500kgs for each coil. plastic inside and hessian woven outside,plastic inside and nylon woven outside